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Monday, 29 December 2008

Mon & Tues - 22, 23 Dec 08

22 Dec 08 (Mon) - Happy Birthday Huat!!!  Didn't ask you out cos this special day of yours you will be busy with someone heeehee ... hope you have an enjoyable birthday!

23 Dec 08 (Tues) Went to scout around gift for Huat ..... I was the 1st one whom reached PP so I have amber time to shop around and I was give a task to buy xmas gift for my mum as she need to give to some of her colleagues.

Thanks to Huijia whom came early too and help me look for xmas gifts ...... after all shopping Penny, Edwin and Huat came and we start shopping for food in Cold Storage.  We have party at their place so bought almost of the things from there.

Went Gao Ji for dinner and headed back to Penny's place for preparing some items for tomorrow party.  Help Huat in making the mango pudding ..... and we are back home only at around 12+am ...... after my shower I still have plenty of xmas gifts to wrapped ...... when I finished my last xmas gift wrapping is closed to 2am ...... gotta zzzzzzzz soon cos I need to work tomorrow as 1 other of my colleagues is off ...... and I will be alone ....

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