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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sunday - 21 Dec 08

Dearie came back from RT at around 11am so off we go to Guang Yin Shan to pray to my grandparents together with my brother & his family.  Mama woke up early to buy some food that my Grandparents love when they are around. 

Isaac looks good now .... and he is as active as before ..... God please bless my nephew and my precious daughter in good health always! 

Reached home at around 2+pm and Dearie went to take a nap before we head for meeting and Clarice 1st month celebration.  Went for CC for meeting first then to see my beautiful niece - Clarice.  Gwen(Fabbie mei) looks good ...... so is baby Clarice very pretty with her dimples .... so cute!!!  Although is just 11 mths ago I carry newborn but somehow I feel that I lost touch of how to carry them *LOL* oh well maybe because TT is big when she is a newborn.

Went back my PIL's place for dinner ..... my MIL cook such a big bowl of curry ... I ate alot today cos the curry is very good!!!  YUMMY!!!!  Think I will put on weight again ....


  1. wah.. lots of food. looks good leh

  2. you ask me carry NB now i also scared and may not remember how to. haha

  3. ya loh i am not use somemore is so diff cos TT is big when she is born hahaha