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Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday - 4 Jan 2013

Took half day leave and went to pick up TT and show my MIL where TT will be having class on Friday at 430pm.  Yes I have sign up another class for her .... is a Right Brain Education. 

Heguru is the school i sending her is just opposite my house and is originally from Japan, The Heguru Education is an effective and proven early childhood eductaion programme that is developed over 30 years of practicum and research.  

We were a bit late so we miss out some front part of the programme .... nice programme ....everything was in a fast pace, stimulating and fun.

From the programme child will learn Memorisation technique, Photgraphic memory, Literacy through high speed flash card, fine motor skills through fun exercise, song, dance etc.  60mins per lesson and they cover alot.... beside english, maths they also have chinese too .... learning poem ... good for TT too.  Hope she will enjoy the class ..... shall see if she can adapt ......

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