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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Thursday - 3 Jan 2013

Remember my door ... is those electronics kind .... so convenient to use .... but not lasting!  Today I need to get back fast to settle some laundry cos my part time helper coming ..... now I can't go in at all .... cos the electronics parts aren't working! 

No choice but to call Hock for help .... he is the one whom helped me install .... so when he came to see .... he suggest to call for lock smith...... cos I didn't have the key with me .... but lucky there is a keyhole if not I cannot go home anymore.  

Total damage $80 ... so since I already engage him I ask him to help me open my safe box ..... the newly bought safe box was not not working anymore after Dearie put in the stuffs and  did a test before he decided to lock it.  But when we wanna take out our stuffs it was not working anymore and I called the company about the faulty safe they suggested to have a master key replace for $50 ....... since lock smith uncle is here I asked him for a discount so he charge me at $20 .... haha so I can save $30 .... 

After several tries ....... Uncle gave up .... he say cannot open .... SIGH ....... now I have to make the master key for the safe if not my savings for TT cannot be bank in :( 

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