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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tue & Wed - 1 & 2 Jan 2013

 Happy New Year everyone!  2012 really passes very fast ..... today we intend to stay at home and rest cos my little baobei going to school tomorrow and she will be in K1!  Since we not going out so I cook the pear drink for the 2 to drink... this time I added a bit of rock sugar so TT will wanna drink more.

Nothing much to update about today but glad that we have spend quality time together at home lazing ... haha I did a little cleaning up of TT's room .....

I woke up at 6.45am and today just one call ..... she was up quickly and look happy... she told me she can't wait to see her friends!  Think she missed her friend badly especially Abrielle hope they will be in same class again!

CHAOTIC - the word I always use when it comes to first day of school .... be it when I am schooling or TT ..... haha .... I heard from some parents that they already know which class their child will be and they even tell me there is letter giving out to use informing which class sad to say i didn't receive and get to know that she will be in K1A when she line up and heading to the class.

I gave her a kiss and parted with her cos from today onwards she will be staying with my in law at Bedok and there marks I am a weekend mama!  Mixed feeling .... she was with me everyday and sleep with me  now she will not be around ....... I must get use to it! 

Is free time for Dearie and myself ... so we headed to City Square Mall Golden Village is a newly open cinema there ..... so we went there to watch CZ12 heard the review was good .... so I am gonna enjoy it!  Cinema was good .... very clean, seats so new ... and best to watch during weekday haha I can actually rest my legs on the other chair :P I feel so like at home.  Pardon me for being unglam haha 

Went back home to rest and at around 6+pm I headed to Leisure Park to pass back story book back to my that gf .... and they actually meet up to discuss about my issue i guess .... cos one of them actually invited me to join them for dinner.  Since I met up with the gal .... and I am feeling cool and better I asked her if we could talk ..... and guess what she tell me she have not cool down and will not talk to me *sigh* she told me when she wanna talk I dun wanna talk now I wanna talk why must she talk .... oh well now seems more like I am at fault ......since she wanna close her door then I shall let it go ..... no point "haunting" it anymore ... guess thats the end of our friendship......

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