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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Monday & Tuesday - 15 & 16 July 2013 - Meilock Soursop, Toa Payoh Rojak

Nothing much on my Monday and on Tuesday Goh and I went to catch a movie cos we are free as Alyssa have went back to my in law's place cos school reopen HOORAY!

So Goh and I can have some couple time we went for 2 show straight haha ... cos Alyssa said that she didn't wanna watch it so we watched Monster University and Despicable Me 2!  Watching on a weekday definitely is a great savings!

After movie we headed to Old Airport Road hawker to hunt for food ..... as usual we order the fried hokkien mee cos we simply love the spicy chilli!  And I tried the char kway tiao opposite lao fu zi ..... tasted better than LFZ! 

Just like everyone's favourite tao huay (many stalls around)  ... old airport road also have alot stall selling soursop drink but I like coming to Meilock Soursop juice ... I love soursop juice so bought 2 cups at $2.50 each ..... I love sucking the seed but if you do not they have ice blended version!  This stall started selling sugar cane juice and then they decided to be something different and start selling soursop drink.  Try it if you are there at Old Airport Road! 

Hunting still goes on and decided to q for Toa Payoh Rojak I didn't have this for quite sometime..... is Goh first time eating that.  He love it!  And now the old couple have their son-in-law to help run the business he was there help to prepare the rojak ... standard still there not too sweet just nice!  Just like last time you need to get Q number ..... sit near the stall when they flashes your number all you have to do is to go up and make your order and in about 5 mins you will get your yummy rojak!

Both of us so satisfied with our dinner yummy!!!

Meilock Soursop
Old Airport Food Centre 
Stall no.:01-82
11am to 10pm 

Toa Payoh Rojak 
Old Airport Food Centre 
Stall no.: 01-108
Closed Sunday

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