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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wednesday & Thursday - 17 & 18 July 2013 - PCF

Wednesday - Alyssa's teacher called and told me that the slot for meet the parent session that I opt (8am) for was taken up I was like WTF last min then they tell me cos it will be tomorrow (thurs) I was so angry and shoot one letter in to the Principal and immediately they call up and asked if I could make it earlier like 7.45am.  No choice as we do not want to be late for work so we will just go early. 

On Thursday it was pouring heaving and slow traffic make us only reached the school at 7.55am ....... so we go through her progress report.  Now they are better to have it in soft copy instead of showing us thick file, to be frank I was quite reluctant to attend today cos her original class teacher had left and this teacher whom attended to us was new and she only be with Alyssa like a few weeks before school holiday after which they have long 1 and half mth of holiday.

Her progress report mostly was on good side .... and among her classmates she was quite a fast learner and eloquent.  She love singing and dancing too .... overall she is ok and she even help teachers to take care of her classmates but her temper really bad she get irritated when her classmates dun listen to her.

And after the whole thing it was like 820am but the one whom is suppose to be here at 8am was no where to be seen!  And just now I took some times to look around her new class room after the renovation and .... their class itself have 2 attached toilet .... nice! 

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