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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant

After our trip to River Safari and Zoo we headed back Bedok to have dinner.  BIL suggested  to eat at Jing Long  Lucky they still have some seats for walk-in cos they reserved table was always full....

BIL ordered 3 combination ($41.40) which consists of Crispy Delight Duck, Top Shell with Sweet Sauce & Salad Prawn. Mushroom Tofu (Large) ($22), You Mai (veggie) ($18), Dry Scallop Chicken (Large) ($36), Sweet & Sour Pork (Small) ($10.80) and Sliced Fish (L) ($$23.80).

I love the 3 combination is just like a cold platter during a wedding dinner just that it had lesser dishes inside .... crispy duck was the best .... is not too oily nor dry and the bites was really good!  Salad prawn was good too fresh prawn combination with mayonnaise won't go wrong and lastly the top shell with heir sweet sauce just nice to open up our appetite!

Mushroom Tofu was good as well ...... silky texture was so easily to swallow in, I dun really like the You Mai cos somehow after some bites the bitter taste was there which I dun fancy I still prefer Nai Bai!  Sliced fish was fresh too and is a normal cooking style nothing to rave about.  Next which I love was the Dry Scallop chicken ... generous dry scallop was added into the soft chicken with lots of chestnut too!  No complain of the sweet and sour pork so I assume it was good!

Overall the dinner was good and total cost of our meal and after 10% discount was $180.85.

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