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Sunday, 28 July 2013

River Safari & Zoo on Sunday - 28 July 2013

Thanks to my SIL - Celia for organising this family trip to River Safari.  To kick start the day we met up at Bedok Mcdonald for breakfast!  And after our hearty breakfast we all happily head to Zoological Garden ...... BIL went to get tickets and well this say is true 早起的鸟儿有虫吃 cos Queue was not long at getting tickets was a breeze!

We reached the entrance of River Safari at 845am and they only starting at 9am so photography outside was also a must so just nice that this time is for camwhoring!

We were excited to see Kai Kai happily eating .... but he dun really move around so really have to patient at times.  As for Jia Jia I manage to catch a glimpse of her when she walk out from her rest area .... after she make a round she head straight and nap!  Imagine others only can catch her on the CCTV!  Keepers told us that usually she is very shy she will still indoor most of the time ..... and guess what I only get to know they are of same age as Alyssa whahahahha ....

After watching them we went to the restaurant for a rest ..... bought the Panda bao which stated they only make 200pcs per day.  Cute design .... quite big bao ..... not bad to eat as well!

We Spent the whole morning at River Safari and headed over to the Zoo in the afternoon and before we go in we had lunch at the Ah Meng Restaurant.  Almost all their food sold out very fat luckily we manage to get food and seats as well.  I love their lemon tea very much but somehow I the standard drop a little!

We went straight to take the tram ride for the Rainforest show and at the same time we did went to see some animals!  After the show we went separate ways .... Alfred follow us to the Kids World cos Alyssa and him wanna go for the water play where others went back first.  The 2 of them so happy playing at the play area ... Goh and myself just sit around while waiting for them to finish their play.  Had a great fun today looking forward to our next trip again in August!

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