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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday - 13 July 2013 - 真粥道

First time my bosses and Tournament chairman all not around for our tournament.  Is PA-STF today and hope everything goes well! 

Today is Poomsae competition rather boring hahah cos not really exciting matches to see.... it started at around 2pm so I was there around 1pm ..... as usual I am in charge at the registration counter and also as emcee.  This time is at Jurong Sports Hall .... so far away compare to Toa Payoh and is much bigger so I have to walk more! 

Alyssa was so excited to see the big swimming pool again so I told her that she can only go for a swim tomorrow when I asked Goh to come along as I cannot bring her there this little Miss really a good gal she listen and agreed to it and glad that Xian was around too so she can play with him before his match. 

Whole competition ended at around 6pm after ,my presentations to all the participants .... so I met up with Goh at Katong as he wanted to try the zi char from 真粥道.  As usual Alyssa and myself  have porridge ($6.50) and Goh ordered the Fried horfun ($6).  

Fried horfun really good .... the gravy was just nice not salty ..... the horfun was fried just nice too!  We also ordered some sides to share the Braised Platter ($8) and Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves ($6).  Standard of the platter was still there but not the veggie .... it just taste not right and simply too spicy without any taste at all and it took quite awhile to be served.  If you like quiet environment I guess this is not a good place unless you want to be seated outside.  I feel is too noisy cos is quite compact and echo was quite big too so I feel quite irritated when is too noisy and I will tend to eat faster and leave early.  Guess that is better to dine during weekday lunch ......

NOTE: 真粥道. will be wrapping up .... last day will be on 16 March 2014. 

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