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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday - 17 Feb 2015

Is last day of work for me since we need not go office tomorrow, is a usual practice for our company.  Well I am happy cos I still have lotsa things to do like washing bedsheet and doing last mon of cleaning up. 

And since today is Tuesday and 3rd week of the month it is our monthly MC meeting in our company and so we are finding ways to "protect" our ladies toilet as there are more men than women in the committee (the men usually will use our ladies toilet if it is vacant).  And men usually will dirty the toilet and to save it we think of "out of order " as an excuse and lock it to prevent them from using. Hahaha 

Sometimes we can be funny in coming up with such funny ideas but well is good as if they dirty it ..... the toilet will be dirty till after CNY and it will smell.  Sorry to all if they need to use our toilet! 

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