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Friday, 9 August 2013

Thursday & Friday - 8 & 9 Aug 2013


Yearly affair for us to go over small aunt shop for praying as she always will pray outside her shop for the seventh month this year just nice that the first Sunday this year we are attending Ryder's 1st birthday so she will do her offering today instead and just nice is a PH so we all can make it to help


Is National day today!  We woke up and took MRT to Tampines for breakfast and at the same time bought some food over to Ah Ghor's place.  Is also a yearly affair that we will gather and she will cook for all of us! 

My dear Alyssa so happy till left her MRT card on the train and she was so moody and super low mood best thing is I dunno how much $ was inside and how many cards inside too as she will keep her own thing!  SIGH gotta spend money again for replacing her cards!

We headed to Mr You Tiao at Century Square for brunch 3 of us love the Porridge there but Goh will always go for their breakfast set!  Each Porridge set come with a drink and generous shredded chicken can be found!  Yummy!  And their breakfast set was served with youtiao instead of normal bread.  After that we went over to Tampines One Barcook Bakery I love their cream cheese raisin bun and I notice they have this 流沙包 so I bought 1 to try it had buttery smell with salted egg yolk and custard cream it really have the ooze out feel but I prefer the other texture which is the original bao texture than the bread which is quite soft.  And really have to eat it while it is still hot cos when it cool down is not really that nice.

Reached Ah Ghor's place in the evening and she have already prepared everything and each of us was offered one black chicken soup!  Really very PU haha I seldom eat all  these I guess I should need so that I can prepare my body well I guess if I want to get preggie again I need to build up my body! 

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