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Monday, 5 August 2013

Sunday & Monday - 4 & 5 Aug 2013


A lazy sunday and I wanna take a nap but silly girl didn't want it so we have to make her busy on cartoon for her to watch .. but end up she also kept talking to me and end up I didn't take any nap :( 


Sometime people will think is easy for 2 or 3 pax to look for food but when it comes to meal time is a real headache!  I really dunno what to eat so end up buying zi char from the coffeeshop.  He Xuan Seafood located at Blk 2A this zi char still not too bad so far their food was quite nice.  Fried rice is a tad oily but the wok smell is there and is quite yummy not too salty.  Horfun is good the gravy not too salty and not too starchy, the seafood added is fresh and veggie is also crunchy.

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