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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Satay By the Bay

We reached Satay by the Bay at around 9+pm and most of the shop started to clean and close up, Sis Tricia went to order some satay and while Goh and myself went around to see what is left.

manage to get one stall selling Pizza and taught maybe kids will love it so we order one Hawaiian pizza to share.  Sis Tricia came back telling us they order food from Boon Tat BBQ Seafood, the only stall which left more variety so she ordered Kang Kong, Fried Rice, Omelette and Stingray. 

Kangkong looks dry and not nice to eat, omelette is normal, fried rice taste good but a tad oily overall still ok and sambal stingray tasted good ... fresh and spicy enough to my liking!  As for pizza quite normal and more like frozen type .... 

Overall we enjoyed the dinner and chit chatting the kids extremely happy and they ate alot too maybe exercise alot today!

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