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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday - 18 Aug 2013

SIL Celia bought the corporate tickets for SEA Aquarium for the family so we are going again to this place!  But is good for re-visit cos this time we are able to see Dolphins!

We reached at around 9+am cos I have seen some friends posted before about the madness queue to go into.  So ya we are in there at 10am sharp .... and is consider crowded already when we are there.

Actually I walked quite fast as I have covered all of it from last trip .... stopped by the dolphin for quite sometime before moving on.  The later it is the more crowded it is.... so we just move on a little faster and we took lotsa picture.  

Alyssa still remember some of the fishes and she is doing some introduction about it!  Although is her third time here she still enjoyed it very much and she remembered what kind of fish is my favourite! 

After we finished everything we went over to Imperial Treasure for lunch and headed over to SGH to visit Grandma before heading back home to rest. 

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