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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday - 6 August 2013

Again we cook in the office today ... love doing that cos we are really tired of chicken rice, fishball noodle almost every day!  I cooked fried rice, sotong ball and the century egg tofu so easy to whip up a meal but of cos time consume and 3 of us just take turn to help either in our mini kitchen if not will be on our desk answering calls!  So nice that can cook in office and sometimes there will be left over it will be my dinner too haha dave a meal! 

In the evening Goh and I went over to the newly open Sarpino Pizza at our place and bought a piece to try is at $4 for a slice .... I think their pizza is better than pizza hut the crust is quite soft and BBQ sauce is nice too generous chicken chunks can be found buried under neath the cheese!

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