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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mon - Wed - 12 - 13 Aug 2013


Thanks Bahrin for the lovely cookies from your Granny and Cousin .... it was very good our Monday filled up with these cookies to drive away our Monday blues!  


Nothing much on my Tuesday as usual Yoga lesson in the evening by Yvonne .... good to sweat it out from here ..... but I think I gotta get back again for my brisk walk and light jogging in the evening soon cos I am getting fatter!


Took leave to help my MIL for praying for the seventh month for her shop, last year I was not there due to registration of tournament. Thanks to Small Aunt whom came over to help too!  Lucky I am able to help out this year ..... help to whipped up some dishes, washing and cutting of the ingredients and also help to pack all the stuffs my MIL bought to put into basket. 

Hope that she will be able to listen to us again for ordering of catering instead of cooking is very tedious in preparing cos firstly age is catching up and if no one help in future will be very tiring.  She was still very traditional as she wanna prepare everything from stretch.  I love her yam cake I still haven't get to master that from her shall learn form her next time! 

Everything was done inclusive of praying till around 3+pm and she drove Alyssa and myself back home for a short rest cos we will be going to AMK Gim Tim for Family Dinner sponsor by Small Uncle and Auntie.

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