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Friday, 2 August 2013

Thursday & Friday - 1 - 2 Aug 2013

Nothing to update for my Thur and Fri  just that I am crazy over this show waited for 10 years for them to start number 2 of it.  

I fell in love with Samuel Tong (Francis Ng) in 2003 Triumph in The Skies!  This time round his formal wife Zoe (Myolie) this story line will be write off as she passed away.  And Myolie will be still acting for this series as an aircraft technician.  She is Jayden's (Julian Cheung) sister - Summer!  

Don't really like Summer and Jayden's character in this story ..... but somehow I feel that Coco Ling (Nancy Wu) and Jim Jim (Him Law) paired up is kinda nice!  Holiday (Fala Chen) was made to paired up with Jayden initially and later Samuel .....triangle love was somehow a bit messy.  Check out the series you have not watch ... no regrets watching it and I really miss Samuel Tong ... hope that it won't ended so fast and will there be Triumph in Skies 2 in near years?

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