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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday - 17 Aug 2013

Thanks to my cousin's invites to MBS!  We have not been up to their sky park before!

Sis came to bring us up to their room and Faith (my niece) told me that this room is consider small already compared to the few times when they are there.  And Faith say MBS is their 2nd home haha .... so nice to have a weekend stay everytime!

We went to their infinity pool to swim .....  Alyssa so happy and she swim happily together with her cousins the view really spectacular!  So relax swimming inside and their jacuzzi always full which we didn't give a try. 

We enjoyed ourselves very much and after washing up we headed to Satay by the bay for dinner ...... and headed back only at around 11+pm and I met up my Penpal for awhile as he is working in MBS!  He is my penpal for more than 20+ years!  Friendship still strong! 

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