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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Family Dinner at Gim Tim AMK 14 Aug 2013

Small Uncle and Aunt buying us dinner and they have also booked the tables at Gim Tim total 4 tables for the Goh & Tan family! Is great to have gathering cos everyone was busy and is a good time to have dinner together and catching up.

Gim Tim a very chinese style restaurant with friendly waitress around serving us which makes us all comfortable. In Conjunction with National Day the restaurant having a promotion - 48% off for this menu which consists of

  • Crispy Peking Duck - Not very crispy but it was good I still prefer to wrap it on my own. And the Peking Duck meat was stir-fried and serve with lettuce and we can wrapped and eat with it and is really good but it was really filling!
  • Braised Sharks Fin Soup with Shredded Dried Seafood - quite starchy and generous of sharks fin was added in
  • Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish with Mango - this is something different more like a Thai style as the mango goes very well with the bland fish
  • Mini Abalone stuffed in Japanese Pocket Tofu - more like Inari sushi but this is not stuff with Japanese rice but with mini abalone. Taste nice with that combination and the gravy goes well with the boiled broccoli!
  • Tofu is an additional for the kids very thoughtful of small aunt! Cos the fish was consider spicy for the kids... steal a bite from my girl, the tofu was really silky and soft ..... melt in the mouth!
  • Wok Fried Lobster with Rice Vermicelli - by this dish I am already quite full but this was really good the vermicelli absorb all the sweetness of the gravy so when you chew it the sweetness just burst into the mouth! Lobster was fresh too!
  • Fried Chilli Crab with Singapore style - meat was thick and fresh and the gravy was good too thick and tad spicy goes well with a deep fried bun!
  • Chilled Cheng Tng with Lotus Seed - this was extremely sweet .... I didn't finished this just one mouth and I gave up!

Overall dining experience was good, the elderly group enjoyed the session over the dinner so is our generation! And the dinner package was a good catch!  Thanks Small Uncle and Aunt for the lovely dinner!

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