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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gurney Drive @ T3 Saturday - 3 Aug 2013

Craving for Penang food so we headed to Gurney Drive @ T3 for dinner and since the Changi Millionaire 2013 is still on going dining or shop here won a chance for us to the lucky draw! Why not just try our luck haha ....

As usual Alyssa go for the kid's meal which come with free yakult and thats her favourite, kids meal - sweet & sour fish with nugget and rice ($5.90).  baby finished everything I guess it should be good and no complain from her.

Goh ordered Penang fried kway tiao ($7.50) and I go for Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee ($6.50) and we ordered a side dish belacan chicken wings ($4.90) to share and this dish is child friendly so Alyssa can enjoy eating with us!

I miss the ampla juice from Penang so I order that to ease my craving ($3.20 small) and I am surprise that Goh ordered calamansi juice ($2.90 small) cos he will always complain sour!  Good enough he finished everything except me cos the ampla juice cannot compare the one I had in Penang!

Overall we feel that the standard did drop .... I hope the standard will be good again for my next visit!

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