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Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday - 26 August 2014

Sam helped to choose the place to go for August baby celebration and this time we heading to Dempsey Hill!  Alyssa is on holiday due to sports day and I am on leave as well so she tag along with me to go for a short shopping trip before meeting up Sam, Pauline & Angeline to cab in to Dempsey. 

A very American style of deco with many wooden table and dim lights.  The gals whom reached earlier than us have already order some sides so as usual we will share the sides and we also add on to some as well!  

We ordered Truffle Fries ($8) I like this cos is serve pipping hot love the taste of the truffle oil! Parmeson wings ($14) I am a cheese lover so this dish still ok for me but it was suppose to be at level 2 of spicy shiokness but I couldn't taste any at all!

Crispy Calamari ($18) it was not crispy at all but squid was fresh.  Alyssa ordered a kid's meal that comes with a chocolate milkshake and she was very happy with her meal ... I took a bite on her burger juicy chicken meat really yuumylicious! 

But for myself I am quite disappointed!  I ordered a Japanese Prawn Star with wasabi mayonnaise ($24) the patty was very salty and I didn't finished it al all ..... 

Sam ordered Bollywood Prawn Star ($24) this is top with curried mango mayonnaise and this patty is salty but way better than mine!  And Sam love it! 

The rest of my gfs had Foie Gras burger ($32) the patty kind of juicy and my evil twin sis love it.  BBQ ribs (half rack) ($29) and bacon meatloaf ($35) was shared among my other gfs.  No much complain except the big portion was mentioned several times haha ... 

Service was good and well nice ambiance!  But when I stepped out of the restaurant to the ladies which is located just opposite I dun really like it cos is extremely dark haha I can't get use to it at all.  Love the ambiance in this bar too ... is very cozy good to chill out with friends.  

The Green Door - next stop we headed ... to have a drink and chill chill!  Alyssa love it here cos there were 2 cats which is the "resident" of the bar!  She took several pics of them and headed off to different parts of the bar to take some pics 

Several pics below were taken by her! 

This bar uses recycled items to decorate their place and they even grew some plants there using bath tubs!  Prices of the drinks quite reasonable and we all had a great fun chilling and drinking .... what a great company to end my Monday! 

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