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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday - 31 August 2013

My weekend burn again this week ..... cos of the National I have to work and my dear gal only join me after about evening time.  Is another tiring day but overall still ok and just when I am doing my emcee job halfway I received a photo via whatsapp by my Uncle ...... is my mummy's feet! 

Her swollen feet was bad and I have to call back to her and "scold" her from not listening to Dad and Uncle advising to see a doctor immediately somehow I feel bad cos I have no time for her at times ... but well her programme somehow quite exciting haha she will go out with my Uncle and family if not she will follow my Dad to my Aunt's house to play mahjong!!!  So sad to see her feet like that hope is all well after seeing Doctor! 

Alyssa wanted to eat Pizza so after everything we headed back home to order a large pizza for dinner and the happy kid love her pizza so much!  Seeing her so tired I suggest that she stay home tomorrow but this sticky baby say she want to follow me ..... tomorrow is another long day hope she won't be grouchy baby! 

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