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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday - 1 September 2013

Last day of the National .... and Missy wanna go with me ... this little sweetie pie loves to stick with me!  But I must enjoy the sticking stage cos as she grow up she might not wanna go out with me anymore especially if she have a bf next time I guess mummy is to be "put" at home hahaha 

Today one of our Korean coach will be fighting too and my lady boss will be doing her "maiden" coach for him!  And of cos his match will be a highlight match for everyone and I guess his opponent will be very stress! 

GOH - His Excellency Ambassador Suh Chung-Ha was given a warm welcome on his arrival and was impressed by the demonstration as well as some matches! 

I simply love doing events and I am also proud of myself to do up all the pre preparation work all by myself in office and also doing up the events on the tournament days!  And as for my sweetie pie, there will always be lotsa people looking after her for me when I am away!  Thanks to those whom helped me!  

Goh came over to pick us up and my tired girl always fell asleep whenever in the car.... I guess she was really tired ..... see how sound asleep she was! 

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