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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thursday - 26 September 2013

Decided to have lunch at Chun Kee today so Jo and I each ordered a main course and we share a side dish together.  

Black Bean horfun - $5 and my hokkien mee is $5 and french bean is at $10 we find it a bit ex cos is only very little but is really nice.  Crunchy bean with dried prawn combination very yummy!!! 

Back home I am lazy so I just make one pot rice whereby I throw everything into the rice cooker and within 30mins viola you got your dinner! 

That's me when I am lazy and I do not wish to eat outside..... easy food to make ingredients I use: 

  • Cabbage
  • Dried Prawn (Hay Bee) 
  • Chicken (diced) 
  • Crabstick 
  • Fishcake
I will fry cabbage, dried prawn, chicken, crabstick and fishcake first and I will also add in dark soya sauce so that when I pour in the ingredients the rice will turn into dark color which looks more like yam rice.  This is what I learn from my mum. 

To prevent the rice cooker base burnt with black soya sauce I cook the rice till is about to cook and pour everything in.  And within 30mins dinner is ready to be served! 

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