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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday - 7 September 2013

My sticky baby really love to go out with me ... I had an appointment to do eyelash extension at 830am she woke up early despite having late night!  

Morning City Beauty House at Bishan is the place where I go for eyelash extension I love the natural lashes she made for me.  Thanks to Rosalind and Pauline's recommendation!

 I always love to nap when Liping doing lashes for me but with sticky baby around I can't nap at all cos she is talking non stop haha ... my friends whom know sticky baby will feel my "Pain" LOL 

After doing the extension we headed to Junction 8 for breakfast and sticky baby choose what to have for breakfast ... after walking around she choose subway and just nice that's on my mind too cos I have yet to try the flat bread breakfast.

Overall we had a nice breakfast together and both of us love the flat bread very much she actually requested to have it again soon with Daddy around!

I love this sticky baby so much lah maybe I really destined to have one and only precious!  As I have tried many times, baby dust just dun come sprinkle on me :( 

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