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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday - 21 September 2013

Sometimes when baby is in Berries class the 2 oldies us dunno what to do and best thing is Goh always want me to go with him I cannot stay home so 2 of us will not know where to go.  Today we damn bo liao lah we take away our food from Killiney Cafe, a french toast set, a lemon tea and a Ice Yuan Yang total cost $8.10. 

Take away to where? Eat in the car hahaha stupid us .... we drove back to Berries and waited in the car for baby and while waiting we eat and drink there and also watch some tvb show on my phone.  So ya boring at times while waiting ...... 
 After her Berries usually we will ask her where she would like to have dinner she will always opt for City Square Mall - Streats.  I was quite sian of this place cos everytime we will end up with the same food we order.  Today I chose a different one - curry chicken and verdict is is not as nice as the one in Downtown East.  Goh had their beef horfun and commented that is very salty and not very nice .... and as for Princess same old pattern - fishball noodle which comes with a Yakult and one scoop of icecream! 

Headed over to my Parent's place and my papa bought a battery operated donald duck lantern for baby.  She was overjoy and kept playing with it on the way home.   

And at night I dunno why she come out with a blanket and said that she is a mermaid ..... and roll on the floor!  My silly baby always have silly act for me to video and photo it down I wonder next time when she grow up she will laugh or hate me whahahahha

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