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Monday, 2 September 2013

Monday - 2 September 2013

Took leave as well today cos I need good rest!  Goh went to pack dinner after work at AMK hub and I have sudden craving of eating QQ rice so I asked him to buy that and as well Durian pancake!  

How does QQ rice work... they come in different rice - Brown Rice, Mixed Grain, Purple Rice, Wheat Germ Brown Rice and u can mixed 2 rice to do a combination.  Choose the rice first  then you can select 5 fillings to go with the rice and ta dah .... pipping hot rice is done!  Usually I will choose more savory to go with the rice! 

As for the Durian Pancake which is from Four Seasons tasted so nice ... hot pancake and eat with the cold cold puree!  HEAVEN! 

Just when I am having dinner I received a Whataspps picture from my SIL haha my sweetie pie .... playing with her Uncle!  This little girl so funny and my BIL also join in the fun and act that he was being BOX by her! 

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