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Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday - 23 September 2013

Is Caleb's birthday so The Seo invited us for a dessert gathering so that the little boy will be happy to see his Jie Jie - Alyssa!

Before I go over Parkway I went to get the little boy a gift hope he will like it!  Little boy so happy to see Jie Jie and both of them started their mini concert while waiting for the dessert.  Dancing and singing started the moment we step in really scary hahah but both of them so cute!

Cyrus is still small so won't be able to join them but he still so happy sitting there and enjoying himself while we chit chat over the dessert!  Thanks The Seo for having us and Happy Birthday Caleb!

SIL went Bangkok and brought some gifts for us!  Thank you for the lovely gifts!

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