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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday - 17 September 2013

I am a fan of mooncake..... but I always cannot finish it and will be left in fridge!  This year I gotten Tung Lok mooncake from them and I actually look forward in eating it. 

Is rather disappointed ... ok here goes my review ... 

First up the blue one - Black sesame when I swallow it there is a prickly feel inside the throat and it really sweet! 

Pink one is red dates with longan ..... I love drinking this so when make into mooncake I am looking forward and hope there is a surprise feel!  Not as sweet as black sesame, bits of longan meat is found!  Not too bad! 

Yellow one is chrysanthemum sound refreshing unfortunately the taste is weird and is real sweet! 

Brown - grains with brown sugar, this is the best among all although is sweet but the combination is good .... so the most not appealing color wins all! 

Peony jade mooncake I feel standard drop a little ..... compare to last time crown prince really cannot fight.  but still love the yam filling! 

Bengawan solo - snow skin yam .... whenever I miss Lavender (malaysia brand and I didnt get any any) I will eat this ... but if I have a choice I will choose the Lavender yam still taste better! 

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