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Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday - 27 September 2013

I received an email from Girlene asking me to help her vote for her photo and  is a last day or something so I just head on to FB and vote for her photo and I actually just wanna try my luck I enter the draw as well!  I remember I have the above photo so all I have to do is to post it on Instragram and #ineedasharan that's it!  

Oh well since is a last day thingy I didn't bother much to ask for votes ... but looking at this photo really very funny! All of us just squeeze into Uncle's CRV!
In the evening I went over to Jeff & Ivy's place for mahjong ..... not too bad cos we are all so busy so meeting up always a chit chatting session as well.  I am quite early and Ivy actually cook some tonic for me as well is call 八珍汤 she is really good she cook alot and know how to take care of herself well.   

For me I dun even know how to cook this tonic for myself thumbs up for her!  Thanks to Franko for the lovely tidbits from his company too!  The scallop nuts so yummy good to have this when having an icy cold beer! 

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