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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday - 15 September 2013

Lazy Sunday, nua till dinner time and meet up with my in laws at Changi Airport for dinner.  We going Itacho Sushi which my BIL made reservation already.

As usual we go one main course and the sides we share among us ... personally I feel their main quite lousy cos is not as delish as the sides which is sushi and maybe that's why call Itacho sushi!

We order chicken terriyaki chicken don - $12, curry sliced pork (udon) - $11, pork chop udon - $11, Niku Udon - $11 and some sides like Egg su - $4, Grilled squid - $9, deep fried chicken&corn roll - $3.60 etc. 
Still prefer their sushi more total bill after the ++ is $230.30. 

Thanks to my BIL for the treat and thanks for letting Alyssa to play the slide cos she really enjoyed it very much! 

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