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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday - 22 September 2013

Is our family annual praying at Bedok Reservoir so we will all meet up there at the temporary tentage there for praying and after all praying will be headed to my in law's place for sharing all the food among 5 families. 

This year we were told to go dinner at night there .... is our first time there this year!  Dinner is decent, surprisingly service is good too!  We tried to bid the above .... as it says that when you bid this home is more of 添丁since we are actually wanna try for number 2 we try biding it for $168 unfortunately the prices went up and guess what my FIL went biding for us at $288!!! And is deal!  $288 I think my FIL also want us to have a number 2 hahaha ..... well 宁可信其有! 

Here is it we will have to ensure the fire will be on for the next 7 days and that is what we need to do...... hope will come true lah! 

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