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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday - 23 Jun 11

CNA pre arrange a shooting with me today .... and since is a school holiday my 2 nephews so excited about the shooting.  Some screen shots of us sending TT over and after that will be some shots that she spend her time at the shop.

I took half a day leave and follow throughout the shooting ..... quite fun for me ... cos I no need to do anything.  Thanks to my MIL whom send me to work ...... told her that we wont be going back for dinner so I head back home straight .... thinking of what to eat whenever Dearie ask me. 

Suddenly I remember we bought the Prima Laksa Ramen and we have not try it yet since we can eat the nice yummy laksa in just 7mins!  After we finished our meal both of us were watching tv at our living room and as for TT she was watching her cartoons in the room.

She came out happily and told me that she apply lotion on her hands and legs and just 5mins after she went back to the room I walked in and saw suddenly she like feeling wanna puke action ..... just before I can say anything she vomited out everything..... we monitor her and every min she is vomiting kinda scary to me .... after she become restless I took my chair cover to wash and wash her clothes.  In between when I am doing the chores she vomited a few times too.

Afraid that she might dehydrate  I gave her some water and less than 1min everything is out again ... I am so scare and quickly bring her to Parkway East Hospital (East Shore) we are shocked to see so many ppl today at PEH and est waiting time is 1h 30mins!!!

While waiting she vomit and vomit ......her turn to see Doctor ..... he gave her a medicine insertion to her buttock and asked us to observe her for 1hr ..... we stay at the waiting area to wait and she kept asking for water so we gave her bit by bit ..... and when 1hr is up suddenly she puke everything out again with gastrict juice this time.

Uncle and family rushed down to see if needs any help ..... MIL and GLC came too ..... really appreciate and thankful for the wonderful family I have.  Uncle asked if I told my Parents about it ..... I didn't cos I am afraid I will scare them at this hour.  TT was advise to be admitted for observation.  As I still have stuffs to do at home and at work Dearie will be staying with her over at the hospital while I go back to rest.

Hope that TT get well soon poor baby ... seeing her puke makes my heart sink ......

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