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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mon - Thurs - 27 - 30 Jun 11


Today is our busy day ... every 3 months we have a submission closing to do. Work till 7+pm and decided to skip the KTV with my Dearie ex students ... really very tired!

And on Tuesday we went back to my in law place for dinner and since maid is not back yet I bought them dinner from Bedok Central.  Kinda miss home cooked food cos we have been eating out even when on weekend!!!

Wednesday I carving for Arnold's chicken cos after watching Dasmond Koh and Michelle Chia's show - 老字号.  Called their hotline many times and was auto cut off after I was on hold for very long.  PISSED!  Lucky Auntie Rosalind volunteer to go pick it up ... so I called up City Plaza shop to order and she can just pick and go. 

She came back telling us long Q for dining in .... wow ... but ... this time round we all feel that the standard drop not so nice anymore.  Disappointed!

On Thursday while I was working on my stuffs at work .... suddenly I heard TUD TUD TUD sound..... WTF ceiling is leaking!!!!  And it was pouring quite heavily ..... arghhhh why must it be at my work place .... no choice but to place one pail behind my seat!  See how old my office is ..... now we have taken another unit ... actually more zen looking .... hope all of us will be shifting to there haha.... but chances not high :(

Papa called up and asked me to check if  his and Mama's passport with me .... cos Mama passed me a bag asked me to keep for her but I never open up to see what is it only today cos I wanna check if their passport is with me ....  guess what i found my Kindergarten cert hahaha I look so funny last time!  wow this cert is 27 years old already ... hahah so happy I am like found a precious treasure!


  1. So TT looks like u.... Haha...

  2. hahhahahah .. .now she look like me? no more my hubby har kekekek

  3. TT look like u compare to this kindergarden photo.

  4. lol ..... ok ... shall go look for my childhood photo to compare heehee