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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday - 25 Jun 11

TT just got well so I dun wanna eat out went over to market to get some vegetables and of cos her favourite fishball.  This weekend is the last weekend for stall holder in the market selling food... cos market is going for a 9 month renovation unfortunately there isn;t any temp market build so the toufu stall owner asked me if our RC told MP about the temp market.  Some of them have also voice out to MP when she is doing her visiting.  I am going to miss the fresh fresh veggie and fishball too!

TT seems well so we just let her attend Tumbletots ..... went back home straight after tumbletots.  My Parents and uncle & family came over to visit TT and at around 3+pm Dearie bring TT over to Berries by train.  My Parents and uncle & family left shortly after they went out.  After they went back I started to cook  for dinner.

At 5+pm I am done with cooking and washing ... just nice they are back home ..... TT so excited about her fishball kept saying she wanna eat the fishball.  My little piglet really can eat ... I think she knew she "lost" too much due to her vomiting.


  1. lately I am in love with Heng Cai ..... hahah

  2. Fish balls n heng cai... davion is eating almost everyday.. lol... oni heng cai he eats..

  3. spinach...in this post, the 2nd dish from top.

  4. ya TT love heng cai, carrot, cabbage ..... eat most is heng cai heehee ....

  5. heng cai is very nutritious cos got iron i think..