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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday - 12 Jun 11

Woke up at 7.00am and realize is raining heavily ..... abit disappointed cos we going to 大屿山 and we wanna take cable car meaning we can't see anything.  We went to have breakfast before taking MTR to Tung Chung.

When we reached Tung Chung we then found out that cable car is under maintenance the only way to get there is to take coach up.  TT fell asleep soon after we boarded the coach and when we reached there Dearie have to climb up to the Buddha with a "packet" of rice he is carrying.... and this TT timing really very ZHUN she woke up only when Dearie reached to the top!

Had vegetarian lunch there and the food there is good and quantity is big too we can't finished the food.  We had tao huay too and is really very smooth and nice.  After we left we went Citygate for some shopping before going back hotel.

After we had our dinner at Citygate we went back hotel for short rest and we head to
女人街 for more shopping.  The things there almost the same ..... bought a few stuff for TT only ..... the place is really packed too.

Is another tired day .... tomorrow will be a long day too ...........


  1. TT so cute lor.... imitate the buddha..... hahaha.... eh, citygate got things to buy ??? heard is those factory outlets izzit ???

  2. hahaha ya lah she so funny at times....

    yes is outlet kind ..... ok lah ... esprit is cheap ... I saw lotsa ppl go with luggage!!!!