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Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday - 13 Jun 11

Today is consider a very packed day for us .... we are heading to Hong Kong Disneyland!  Yeah been looking forward to come although it is so much smaller than the other Disney.

I am a little disappointed when I stepped into Disney cos I dun see any character outside the entrance unlike the one in Japan all of them will be greeting the visitors.  I go abit ga ga there cos the stuffs there so attractive and I manage to help Mandy to get Mickey cooler fan and I bought one Minnie cooler fan for TT.  She was so happy cos you can spray water .....

Well here alot PRC and they are rude, talk very loudly and kept pushing while q-ing up ..... there is one auntie poke my head using her umbrella without apologizing and walk off then a few times when we are taking photo they just walk passed in front of our camera!!!!  Was telling Dearie I try not to come back here anymore next time ....

We left Disney at 6pm and we headed to Central and take the tram up to the Peak ... we are going to Madame Tussauds!  I am excited about it cos I often see friends posting ... they look so real to me ....but actually not all look real hahaha .... the one and only which I feel is truly looking real is Johnny Depp he so real till I dun dare to go near!!

After Madame Tussauds we went up to the sky terrace it offer stunning view .... very beautiful place and very crowded too..... we are all so tired after going to the Peak ... and we only reached hotel at around 11+pm .... all of our legs are aching .... haha and my dear nephews doing foot spa in their room hahaha so cute!  All of us slept only at 1+am and I am busy doing packing ..... lucky we only need to check out at 3pm tomorrow!

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