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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tuesday - 14 Jun 11

Woke up a little bit later compare to the last few days .... had a good sleep ..... and BIL wanna go back to have porridge so all of us went back to the same shop for breakfast.  After the breakfast .. GLC and I went over to 尖东 Sogo to get 恒香 老婆饼 for some close friends and relatives.

It was so easy to get over there .... and MTR is not as crowded ... so by 11+am we are back at 旺角东 with all our
老婆饼.  Thanks to GLC whom bought a small gift for TT also ....... after putting our stuffs is lunch time again and we went to 新世纪广场 (Grand Century Place) for lunch.  Order a big spread of dim sum and main food .... today really eat till stomach bursting!

After the hearty lunch we all went back to do wash up before heading to airport .... and we are all ready by 3pm sharp!  We make use of the drinks coupon since is still early but my MIL kept rushing us to go airport .... afraid we will miss the flight.

We met 周颖 while boarding the plane ... she is friendly ... wave and smile at us.  This flight is way better than the one we took to HK .... this one got more show and I am catching "What Woman Wants" starring by Andy Lau and Gong Li .... a remake of American film starring Mel Gibson.  Nice show this is the one that I wanna catch when it screen in Feb Dearie didn't want to watch with me but he is catching it on the plane too!

Touched down at 11pm and we are so busy buying stuffs at DFS ..... I ended up buying 2 bottles of Dom and 9 cans of Kilkenny and Dearie bought a perfume - Daisy Marc Jacobs for me thanks Dear ... nice smell ... and I shall use it when I go out with Coco cos is her favorite brand!

Thanks to Celia (SIL)'s elder sis whom pick us all up and send us back home ..... reached home at 12+am ... and I still need to pack all the stuffs and wash up all clothings cos we will have to do a filming at home tomorrow and my place is in a great mess!


  1. no choice lah go in big grp .... and i think my BIL they cannot take too long leave ... but is good enuff to have all go together is hard to coordinate

  2. I think ur family is very sweet!

  3. Thanks thanks .... I think is good to be united! thats why i always envy Malay family they are very united!

  4. most of them only united when it doesn't involves $$

  5. hmm wanted to post something which my nanny said.. but it is a bit too sensitive so better not post as ur entry is for public

  6. open a PM to discuss hehe..

  7. i do agree with Pauline hahahha but some really very good de

  8. some only lor.. maybe 25% of their total population