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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday - 19 Jun 11

Dearie went Brisk Walking early in the morning.... as for TT & I we can't wake up so we just give it a miss .... I think I shall let TT do some exercise soon if not she will be like me so lazy!

Today is Father's day so we have planned to go T3 Imperial Treasure for dinner.  We went to have our car washed and headed to Bedok to pick up some of them to go over T3. 

Food there is quite nice ... but there is a long menu but only certain items are available heehee ... shall go back there to try more next time.  Wanted to go over to Swensen for dessert but there is a very long Q so we headed back instead.  Dearie, GLC and i volunteer to go get all of them nice dessert from Kallang Airport had an enjoyable day with my family.

Happy Father's Day to all out there!

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