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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Thursday - 8 Jan 15

My brave little girl extract her own tooth during shower yesterday!  She was screaming for help as she was bleeding .... both of us got a shocked and ran into the bathroom and found her holding her tooth!  

She really very brave indeed I dun even dare to do my own when I am young and not even now I dare not even try extracting for her! 

Routine start again ... sending her to school and back home to rest ..... when I am resting at around 11+ am I received a call from school and actually quite shocking to have received call.  Mdm Liew her form teacher called and told me that Alyssa's skirt is bursting ,... she cannot take off when they are going to have PE lesson and also she cannot help her wear back the skirt as well.  Both of us burst out laughing!  

Teacher even asked me if I need to buy new skirt for her she can buy on behalf ..... hahaha this really makes my day my Little girl really funny ... actually I already have difficulties in wearing it for her in the morning just that I dunno it is that bad! 

Called my MIL and told her about this and she also laughed out loudly hahaha ..... she offered to help extend her skirt so we head over to the shop after school.  Is close to CNY so shop is rather busy with lotsa goods deliver and she still have to help me extend the skirt.

I waited till I fell asleep and she sees that I am tired after she finished her first skirt she drove us back home and she will do the rest over the weekend lucky is Thursday today and she can wear the one is done up first. 

This pregnancy really makes me very sleepy when having Alyssa I still quite ok and still full of energy, maybe old already! 

My MIL did a great job on the extension and thank god I have a MIL whom knows all this sewing works! 

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