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Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday - 2 Jan 2015

YAWNZ!  Alarm started to ring at 6am!  Is been very long since I wake up at this time .... no more luxury of sleeping till 8am anymore and I have to get use to this timing for the next few years and more or less I guess lunch time will become my nap time too!

Just one call Alyssa is awake with a smile greeting us Good Morning haha I guess she is also excited about it.

She asked for Cereal for breakfast and we gave her $4 to buy food during recess time everything is packed and she is ready to go!  She looked very happy and when we send her to the gate we were rejected to go in with her and my independent baby just kiss us goodbye and walked in herself steadily!  This scene is just like when I first send her to her nursery class she bid us goodbye and happily sitting down waiting for class to start. 

We were told that we can come back at 945am to see the kids during recess time.  So Goh and I went for breakfast and back home to open door for our part time helper and nua-ing at home till 9.20am to go over the school.  

The place is really chaotic well those Pri 2 & 3 kid's parents were there as well making the whole canteen look more chaotic.  There is a Teacher going around letting us know that which class is coming down for recess time.  And I am anxiously waiting for Alyssa to come down but when her class is being announced my neck is stretching outwards to look out for her while Goh going around to see if can spot her if we miss her when she walked out.  

Goh is right!  My Princess is already sitting down eating her food that she bought ... really fast when it comes to food!  She is with her buddy in Primary 5 - Sherlyn will be with her for 1 week and the next week will be a Primary 6 student taking over to look after Alyssa.  

She is eating chocolate waffle and this girl eat till her whole cheek is full of chocolate!  She told me she want to have a quick bite so she can go around the school.  After she finished we followed the 2 of them and this girl always think of play so she go to the exercise corner to play and Sherlyn brought her to library etc.  For me and Goh, A Teacher spotted us and stop us from following hahaha but we sneak up to her class and check where she is sitting hahaha and we met her again at the garden!

And my girl really independent ..... she dun need us and she is very happy so Goh and myself decided we will not visit her on Monday she is a grown up girl and we are sure she can do it!  We went to pick her up at 1pm sharp and well the place is also chaotic and I have difficulties looking for her hahaha  and my friend told me that she actually came out at 1245pm.  Think Monday we have to be early to pick her!  

Thanks to her 3 yi ma for the lovely early birthday gift -  Deuter bag and water bottle she love it very much.  And this girl full of energy ... Goh and myself went for a nap while she played her toys all by herself! The 2 oldies cannot take it to wake up at 6am!!! 

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