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Friday, 16 January 2015

Tues - Fri - 13 - 16 Jan 14


Baby say wanna have sandwich for breakfast so I made simple one for her cos I need to rush out with them as well.  So basically I have to bathe, change myself wake baby and Goh up for them to wash up while I made her recess food and breakfast.  And when she is eating then I have a little time to change and get her uniform as well. 

And we have to set off latest from our house at 645am or 650am to avoid long car queue at the gate.  Then I will ask Goh to drive to Old Airport Road market to buy breakfast and I am in office at 715am!  I will watch some show and enjoy my breakfast after that I will just take a short nap till 9am.  Daily routine for the next 6 years ... but with little one coming along everything have to re-adjust again. 


Today is Arts & Craft day and she love it very much hope she learn something with the Teacher as I did not let her go for any lesson before.  Thanks to Ghee Meng for the yummy food from Japan ..... I love it so much!  And really tempting to go Japan again after seeing your photos and food!! 


I was happy when my colleagues say she wanna fried beehoon for lunch and thanks to them from buy to prepare and to fried .... I only went to get shallots when I go get breakfast in the morning,  With the killing chilli we made together plus this fried bee hoon ... I had 3 bowls of the beehoon :P 


Every Friday I will not follow them as I need to stay put at home to wait for my part time helper and I will go to work myself.  See early bird's face?

Colleague bought me QQ rice for breakfast I really afraid I will grow very fat since my breakfast is so heavy nowsaday! 

Thanks to Mr Lim Hyun for helping us to get a bottle of Le Cafe's golf ball pineapple tart ... many of my friends rve about it unfortunately is not my liking .... though pineapple is cook from stretch but is way too sweet and the crust itself too soft.  And Goh say the one I bake taste better than this and thanks to Angeline for the recipe I have more people love my tarts more! 

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