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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday - 18 Jan 2015

Is baby's actual birthday today ... this year cos she is in Primary One and there is restriction of having make up class in Berries we did not have any staycation this year.  And thanks to Swensen for arrangement of her lost card and also arrange the restuarant that we visiting to know that she can make use of her birthday treats without her card! 

Happy Alyssa can;t wait to wear the new clothes that Hazel bought for her and she actually choose to wear the green top and tights first and laterin the evening she will put on the dress haha .... her fashion sense still not too bad but it will be better if her tights is in polka dots! 

I do not have good appetite lately so I share Terriyaki Chicken Spaghetti with Goh but same after 2 mouth I do not wanna eat anymore.  And of cos the happy kid ate some from ours apart from her own Spaghetti!  

In the evening we headed over to Star Vista for dinner at Canton Paradise and SIL LC bought a Frozen Ice cream cake from Swensen.  Little gal was so excited over it and SIL Celia's birthday is one day before Alyssa's so both of them will always celebrate together and she also booked a KTV room at Temasek Country Club for us to enjoy! 

The kids and my FIL whom dun sing play so happily at the soccer table while the rest of us sing ... Alyssa also sing some songs and she is doing good haha ... maybe my prenatal education when I am preggie with her helps abit whahaha .... and best is she can sleep anywhere too even if is a noisy place! 

Has a great time with them and all of us do enjoyed very much!  Thanks for organising little was so happy with the present and ang bao! Happy 7th Birthday sweetie!  May you be healthy and do well in your studies! 

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