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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday - 11 Jan 15 Alyssa's Birthday Party

Thanks to my SIL LC for helping me to book the function room I have been planning since like November for her party cos this year she will not have party in school anymore and she love to party especially with her friends.  Guests list is from her! haha ....

Since Alyssa with my SIL we headed to Tampines Round Marker to buy fishball first and then to my Parent's place to pick them and back to OneKm Mall to pick up cake and to The Shore.

Buffet Man reached before us and just nice he just started to do set up so am able to ask him how to arrange the food.  Papa and Goh help to do up the decoration while I put in some drinks into the ice box.  Thanks Angeline for the lovely Hokkaido Pandan cake is really yummy!

Food I have ordered from Orange Clove is mostly kid's friendly as adults can have kid's food ... but adult food kids cannot eat so if I am a bad host sincerely apologized for the poor hosting,  Kids went crazy over the pool and everyone of them simply just went wild that include my Alyssa for sure!

Above picture is Kayla, Lizanne and of cos Alyssa taken in like 2011/2012 and so Joanne and myself get them to take another pic haha see the difference?

I also invite a Magician to also host a magic show for the kids - Jerryl Tan he is one of my TKD member and I get to see his performance at one of the Instructor's wedding,  Not all children enjoyed the show but I am very sure most of them did so are some adults and they were very thrilled of some magic. 

After the magic show is the cake cutting time bought the cake from Prima Deli cos is hard to find Pony design cake ...... as for Alyssa and myself we love rainbow cake so I guess this cake is perfect as is also recommended by EL.  Thanks to EL for loaning me the pony as well .... for Alyssa's she have it too but most of it with glitters so not advisable to have it.  Party slowly ended after most of them have the cake and cos the use of function room is due at 3pm. 

We also gave out the goodie bags to the kids as I dun like having lotsa snacks and stationery set so this year I order from Lollibox - an arts and craft theme kind of material inside the box whereby kids can make use of their creativity to do up the craft works!  I think this kind of goodie bags way better than having snacks ... this is the 2nd time I having non snacks goodie bags and hope every kid will like it! 

After most of the guests left I asked Goh to send my Parents back while I clean up the place and thanks to EL & Park for helping me to carry all the stuffs while the 3 Princesses swimming around happily!  3 of them played like for about an hour and they are so friendly that they greeted an Auntie from an unit near the pool and even chatted with her (=_=)" 

After cleaning them up we parted and we headed home to unload all the stuffs and get our feet on to East Coast to meet up with my in laws for a short play of ball and frisbie.  For me and my mil both of us resting on the mat looking at them playing. 

After the game we went to have dinner at the lagoon hawker for dinner as usual we went to get some of dishes each from different stall and share.  After the hearty meal we parted it was really tiring .... full whole day packed! 

Look at that missy how tired she was ..... she was asleep the moment we drove our car out of lagoon hawker!

Orange Clove Catering 
Website: http://www.orangeclove.com.sg/
Can Look for Catherine Seah for sales Person nice lady! 

Website: http://lollibox.sg

Jerryl Tan (Magician) 
HP: 9181 0502 

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