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Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday - 5 Jan 2015

2nd day of school we alight her at the back gate we went to pack breakfast back home to eat and also to catch up some TV programme that we missed till 10+am and we headed to Compass Point cos I went to google some balloon party place that sell My Little Pony theme balloons.  And I only manage to see Compass Point does have that.

It located at Level 4 and they do sell alot of things and best is I could find Alyssa's favorite - My Little Pony. Bought a banner back drop and also a party set of 5 of My Little Pony and I could collect on Saturday evening!

Went back to school to pick her and this time I am early and I could wait for her just like any other Parents!  This little girl walked out happily but didn't really notice us till I wave hardly at her!  Hungry her asked to eat wanton noodle so we went Kallang Wave food court cos she complaining she is very hot so the nearest aircon place that I can think of.  And we have to go back to school to get her PE T-shirt amd I have my gynae appointment at 2.45pm just behind her school.

And this gal really can eat she have her wanton noodle added meat and it cost $7.70!!! As I am not feeling well I did not eat anything just had some water.  The way she eat really makes the food so yummy but seeing her eat I already feel happy cos she is quite easy. 

Papa sponsor me more than half of  $1300 to do the NIPT kekekeke .... Daddy's girl always Daddy's girl!  So ya I decided to do the NIPT before drawing of blood we did a scan and hearing of heart beat again.  Alyssa again very thrill to hear the heart beat and even tell Goh that's the heart beat haha ... this time baby look like a beanie .... Big Beanie! 

The clinic assistant or rather I guess is Nurse help me with drawing of blood ... first right hand ... after she cannot see the veins she goes to my left and saw a big vein happily poking the needle into it unfortunately no blood is seen still she trying to move around is really painful cos if skillful one I wont feel pain! 

After trying hard finally certain volume is drawn and she change to right hand for drawing another 2 tube out. I feel a bit tired and sleepy especially after drawing out 3 tube of blood and wanna grab a bite end up my Princess eat another plate of char siew rice!!!  I think school really dry up their brain cell till she so hungry but she did not finished the rice just the meat and I help her to finish the rice. 

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