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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday - 04 Jan 2015

Woke up with a very bad tummy feel and started to go toilet countless time.  Wonder what's wrong but still we went out to have dinner with my in laws.  

Before we meet them we settle down at Marina Square Teddy & Me cafe a theme cafe with Mr Bean and his favourite Teddy.  We walked passed a few times but the place is always full so today we are lucky there is seats available and the waitress just told us the place is free seating .... so we have to find our seats just like in food court! 

There is an ipad at our seating so we tried using the ipad to see if we can order from there unfortunately it can't Menu is found inside but we were also given hard copy menu as well ....we could watch Mr Bean over the Ipad. 

Ordering of food need to queue near the entrance so I ordered 1 Beantastic Mille ($8.80), 1 Chicken Pie ($8.80), 1 Chocolate Shake ($6.20), 1 Strawberry Tango ($6.60), 1 Ice Lemon Tea ($5.60) and 1 bottle of drinking water ($2) total cost after the service charge and GST is $44.73. 

Beantatsic Mille was good the rainbow crepe 3 of us love it especially you see the rainbow color! Chicken Pie is not to my liking .... I only tasted one mouth the rest goes into Goh's stomach.  Is kinda mashy and the taste  just not right.  My Ice Lemon Tea was kinda dilute, Chocolate shake was average but strawberry tango was good! 

Definitely I can get better food out there with the price I paid is the theme that draw us in haha but I guess I will not visit any sooner unless Missy wanna go again! 

After that we headed over to Suntec to meet up my in laws for dinner we went to PappaRich for dinner and for me I only get to eat kway teow mee soup and gave up those spicy food due to the runny tummy!  We also bought some white tank tops for Alyssa to wear inside her uniform as the while uniform is kinda thin.  Hope I get better as now I cannot anyhow take medicine gotta bear with it but sometimes is good too!

Teddy & Me
6 Raffles Boulevard 
Singapore 039594

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