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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday - 20 Jan 2015

In the evening when I am resting suddenly I feel wetness ... so I quickly head to the toilet and to my horror I am bleeding!!!!

I feel so scared and tears rolling down ...... I really dunno what to do so I call my MIL and she asked me to call up the gynae.  Gynae called back to me asking me about the bleeding is it heavy or just spotting as if is only spotting I can still wait till next morning to see her in the clinic.  But my bleeding was quite bad so she asked me to head down to A&E at Parkway East while she make her way there as well.

MIL came with my SIL to pick me up to go over the hospital while Goh make his way down from his workplace.  He was shocked too when he received the piece of bad news from me.

Rushed down to hospital and was shown immediately to the room and Dr Heng was there waiting for me.  She still give me smile and hope I am in good comfy zone with her.  Blood pressure shoot up and nurse explained maybe I am too worried and anxious.  Dr Heng quickly scan and she was happy and telling me "see baby is swimming happily" The moment she lay the ultrasound on my tummy I was so scare.  The fear that I feel chill down my spine really makes me feel like dying if I were to know is a bad news. 

Dr Heng removed my panties and we were shocked to see blood clots too and she check if I have cervical polyps that lead to the bleeding.  Lucky there isn't any and she commented that the bleeding might be from womb and suspect too much walking!  she also commented no making love for this pregnancy too hahaha 

She asked if I wanna admit ,.... and just before I wanna answer .... she said you better stay in hospital to be on safe side.  Was push to the ward and I am extremely urgent and when I reached the ward first thing I asked was can I go toilet and nurse allow me with her help to the toilet .... but toilet in not vacant and she make me go back and pee in the pee pan kinda weird to do it on bed but no choice I gotta do it!  After changing ... I am super hungry and Goh and my MIL went back to get some stuffs for me and pack food for me.  I am relieved that everything is ok ..... blood pressure also went down.  Got to be good girl now no more walking .... no more taking heavy stuffs, no more housework all I have to do is rest rest and rest!  Given 2 weeks hospitalisation leave to stay home after discharge ..... is gonna be boring week ahead!  

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