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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday - 10 Jan 15 (Part 2)

After Alyssa's Berries class we headed to Compass Point to collect her birthday party balloon before we collect we go look for food!  We went Olio Cafe for dinner since the queue look short, this place seating capacity is not very big so we waited for like a few minutes for them to prepare the table for us as we sharing one table of 2.  I could say their service impressed me as they are quite attentive and polite! 

Alyssa ordered a Surf & Turf ($23.50) and add a top up set ($7.90) consist of a clam potato soup and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea.  For the Surf & Turf they have crayfish, ribeye beef, potatoes and some veggie.  As I do not have much appetite I share Laksa Scallop Pasta ($16.90) and a glass of Iced Earl Grey Lychee ($5.50) 

Alyssa commented that the beef is nice and she gave her crayfish to me ... is very fresh and sweet!  As for the Laksa Scallop Pasta I ate only like 2 mouth and I dun really like it but scallop was yummy!  Total bill after all GST and service charge was $63.30. 

We went up to Level 4 to collect her balloon and this little girl was so happy and excited about it!  And I told her is huge they gonna squeeze in the car with you she is perfectly ok and say will want to look after it.  SIL was at her place so we brought the balloon up to her place cos logistics side is a problem if I have everything with me.  

And little girl say she wanna stay over night with her so we left her there and SIL whatsapp us her photo wearing her Tshirt to sleep hahaha.  Good! Another couple time for us and I can be more clear of what to bring and pack them properly. 

Olio Cafe 
Compass Point Shopping Centre 
No. 1 SengKang Sq 
#01-14/15 (545078)
Tel: 6388 9881

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