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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday - 21 Jan 2015

Rise and shine but I didn't sleep well cos on and off in the middle of he night the nurse come in to measure blood pressure.  Watched some TV and just when I fell asleep she came in to measure ... hahaha am I lucky or what?

Well when I am up ..... I feel very warm cos the sun is shining in and I am near the window.  Breakfast was served at around 745am and I am super hungry..... forever hungry minced chicken with century eggs taste not too bad.

SIL Celia came visit me at around 10+am and thanks for the lovely sunflowers with chicken essence!  Chatted for awhile and she left while I continue watching TV and just nice the children channel showing Toy Story my fav cartoon!  Around lunch time Goh came and he also pack food for him self his looks good but mine also not too bad just nice we had lunch together!  I look ok lah just that a bit pale ..... hope really can get well soon!

Thanks to Mabel who came over to visit me with some food too .... and Hazel, Janice & Eeling for the lovely get well soon hamper .... flowers really cheer me up!

In the evening Angeline, Pauline and Sam came visit me soon thanks for the lovely flowers now my bed full of lovely nice flowers!  My company also send in a big hamper too and also not forgetting Thomson for visiting me with chicken essence too!  Goh left at around 9+pm and I started to feel hungry again so I asked for milo and biscuit before I go to bed this time I am really tired ...... and I think I am able to sleep better.

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